Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Preparing for the 4th

Once again, we had an excellent service at church on Saturday night. As usual I was in tears, lol....Drew wrote and sang a new song that speaks of the true sacrifice the armed services and their families make for the USA and others around the world. Growing up in a military town in New Mexico, I was always aware of the dad's and mom's that had to go on TDY or training or even the Gulf War back in 1990, and I have always had a deep appreciation for them. I have an even deeper appreciation now that Mike has been gone 6 months. I realize how much work it is to run a household. I usually run the inside and Mike runs the outside and takes care of the finances, but I have been doing the finances and overseeing the lawn services. Zack is coming over every week or so to take care of it for me.

After church, several of us went up to the Gardens Mall for dinner and fellowship. We always have a good time when we get together, although for Mike and I it hasn't been as often as we would like. One thing when we get moved that we want to do is cultivate and grow new friendships with couples and families that God puts in our paths, like we have had at Christ Fellowship. I have to say that is the one thing that I am still so sad about at times is leaving all the friends we have made in the past 13 years at our church.

Check out the link to Pastor's messages from this past week and other messages:

I am getting a little more savvy with the online stuff. I have always been internet savvy and computer savvy, but I am learning about blogging, rss feeds, podcasts and I even joined facebook. I am sure some of you will be shocked by that, lol. I have requested friends on facebook and was excited to reconnect with several people from back home. :)

We don't have major plans for the 4th Holiday on Friday. We will actually spend the day working on packing some more stuff and getting some project/desk work done. We went to the Woodbine pool today for a couple of hours and had lunch with Rudy and her kids. Aubrey is becoming less afraid of the water and hopefully a few more weeks of casually hanging out, she'll get the hang of the swimming thing, lol...just in time for us to move away from the water. Tomorrow is free movie day at the theatre and we'll head over to Target to get Antman a 5th birthday present. We have two birthday parties and church on Saturday. Saturday is also my grandpa's birthday. He would have been 78, I think.

I better get going, I need to get dinner started and I'd like to try to run a mile or so on the treadmill. Yep, I said run, lol....I am slowly getting back into shape :D

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