Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am slacking already

Well, it isn't even the end of January yet and I have already slacked on this blog. Since my last post, I have had a root canal, Aubrey had her first trip to the dentist, we started our new bible study at church, I am trying to get 3 boxes a week packed of stuff we don't "need" right well as purge things that we are not going to need or don't use. I dropped off 4 boxes of stuff to Goodwill earlier this week and I have two full boxes of goods and toys to donate to a local family who lost their home to a fire. They have two young children. It is so awesome how God uses my inability to be COMPLETELY organized, lol. I had purchased the movie, "Charlotte's Web" for Aubrey for Christmas and this year I did not keep a detailed record as I usually do of who I got what and what I still needed to get. I forgot about the movie and on Christmas Day, Aubrey opened up one from her GG. The SAME movie. I was planning on taking it back; however, this movie was also on the wish list of the kids who lost their home. God is SO good!

Aubrey has had a stomach virus last night and today, that started at 4 this morning. She hasn't thrown up since this morning, but has felt like she wanted to several times. She finally fell asleep on the couch about 3:30 this afternoon. I have been busy with some client work for Faythe and I have been working most of the day in my spare bedroom. I boxed up three different boxes of stuff and am going thru a ton of paperwork/bills/medical stuff that needs to be filed.

Dinner tonight will be light, so hopefully Aubrey will be able to hold it down. If she gets all green stars this week, I promised her a trip to the fair. We got discounted (free) tickets, but she had a rough couple of days at home listening and obeying last week. Thank goodness the fair is almost 3 weeks long.

I hope everyone is staying warm. It's a whopping 57 right now, which is chilly for us. Mike is at a balmy 25 right now in Gatlinburg. Gonna run, he should be calling in shortly.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

TGIM! (Thank Goodness it's Monday)

I worked all day Friday and planned on rockin' the house on Saturday and Sunday. HOWEVER; I have had a lovely tooth ache for two days. I was up most of Friday night with it throbbing and then the pain subsided for a bit on Sunday morning and then started up again. I got a referral for a good dentist and he is actually on our plan, PRAISE GOD. So, I will be having a root canal either tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest, hopefully.

Our neighbor Tom came over today and helped fix a broken sprinkler head. Aubrey has been adjusting better to Mike being gone and will now talk to him on the phone without being prodded. She has begun answering the phone if I know who it is....we will be working on her salutation as well as learning how and WHEN (lol) to dial 911.

Mike has been getting acclamated to his new position and new temporary home. I think he was pleasantly surprised that I had packed everything he needed and was impressed the only thing I forgot was q-tips to clean his ears, lol. He had a Management reception to go to on Saturday night and had a nice time.

Zack ended up getting in a couple good days of snowboarding in while in Colorado and got back safe and sound. Aubrey goes back to school this week. We'll see how easy she gets up in the morning, lol.

We have a house showing in the morning and since I spent the weekend on the couch, I still have a lot to do tonight and tomorrow morning to get the house "show" ready.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baby, it's Cold Outside!

We had a high of 50 today, lol...and man, was it windy. Mike is getting acclamated at work and got his first accolades from his boss for the way he handled a situation. I wonder why it took his boss two days to complement him ;)

I spent the entire day cleaning, organizing and doing laundry. I will work all day tomorrow at my friend Faythe's and Marlis will come and spend the day with Aubrey. I plan on cleaning all weekend, with the exception of church. Pastor Tom is teaching a new series on Making Your Life Count. After John Maxwell's message last week, I am excited for this new series.

Aubrey begins school again on Monday as does Zack (if he can fly back from Denver) I will continue to run my errands and help Faythe out in the mornings, as well as squeeze in several trips to the gym unless of course Aubrey's school asks me to help out in her class.

I need to get dinner started and get Aub in the bath....till later....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mike's First Day of Work in Tennessee

Today is Mike's first day at his new job in Tennessee and in true Mike Spear fashion, he was at the office a couple of hours early waiting for his boss, lol. He said it is really cold and it snowed a bit last night. I am anxiously awaiting his phone call tonight to see how his first day went.

Today, so far has been a better day for Aubrey. She hasn't told me 100 times that she misses her daddy and isn't near as emotional when I tell her no about something. I am starting to get the house back to normal from the holidays and plan on utilizing tomorrow and the weekend to get as much done before Aubrey begins school again. Last night was a much better night sleeping for both Aubrey and I.

We are having a cold spell that is very welcomed! It has been very windy last night and today. High of 55 today with it going down to 36 tonight. Looks like I will be able to leave the air off until Saturday. I am heading into the garage tomorrow to break down the boxes that we didn't use for Mike's move and then will begin "organizing" it, so that I can use that for packing central. I plan on starting to pack the items that we don't use as often and get them to the garage. My personal goal is to pack the house up, so when we close on it all Mike will need to do is get the truck and load it up. :)

Zack is due back from Colorado on Friday and still plans to come out once a week for dinner. He also has agreed to take care of the lawn for us until the house sells. He starts school again on Monday and I think that he will begin college prep testing again soon. If his mom doesn't have plans for his Spring Break, he is going to go with us up to Tennessee to see Mike (if our house isn't sold by then) and if it is, we hope he'll consider flying up for the week anyway. :)

Aubrey is down for her nap and I need to get up and finish the kitchen, laundry and cleaning out the fridges and freezers....until later.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Zack's Christmas Break

Zack is in Vail attempting to Snowboard, but the weather has been less than cooperative. They are having 65 mile an hour winds and are experiencing white out conditions. We sure hope he gets to enjoy some snowboarding before they have to come back to Sunny Florida on Friday.

Happy New Year

I finally decided to attempt blogging. I have always kept a journal (well, always wanted to keep a journal regularly) and figured since I am online a lot, I might actually be sucessful at this!!!!

2007 year was a challenging year and I think I can safely speak for Mike, we are more than thrilled it is over. I am looking forward to 2008 although it will be filled with many challenges and changes.

Mike has been in Tennesse for three days now and I think it has been the hardest on Aubrey. I never thought she would be so upset, considering she is with me most of the time, and is a little awnry when she is around Mike most of the time, lol. She tells me at least every hour that she misses her daddy and when he called today, she cried the entire time she was on the phone. :( It breaks my heart, but I have the clarity that we are all making sacrifices to be together again soon in a wonderful new atmosphere!

Mike is looking forward to beginning his new job tomorrow and is adjusting to cooking on a tiny propane grill and sleeping least he won't have to try to sleep with me snoring for a while :)

Aubrey is out of school for the next week and I am looking forward to NOT having to drive into town except to do a Mystery Shop and then to go to my friend Faythe's on Friday. School has been good for her, but I am looking forward at attempting to homeschool her in the fall.

I am spending this week and the coming weeks attempting to get uber organized, get the house "spring" cleaned and get to packing, all while praying that our house sells quickly for our asking price. Speaking of, I better run and get the rest of the Christmas stuff put away. Have a great week!!!!